The company "EVROMONTAZHREMONT", registered under the laws of Ukraine and acts from October of 2013.

The company "EVROMONTAZHREMONT", registered under the laws of Poland and acts from July of 2018.

The main activity of a contractor for the mechanical work is the technical support, installation and welding works (waste heat recovery boilers, and others.), Process piping and process equipment for thermal and nuclear power stations and other equipment in the energy sector and the installation of various capacities at refineries.

EVROMOTNAZHREMONT has a staff of its own engineers, foremen, welders different qualifications, in accordance with European and Russian standards, installers, Turbinist working in teams, a total of more than 50 people, and during the period of peak volume of work, more than 200 people.

The company has implemented effective motivation hourly wage system and control of the executive staff, certified welders welding technology NAKS, TÜV for pressure pipes, steam pipes and accordingly.